SF Police Commission orders police stations to "prominently display" Black Lives Matter posters

by Bryan Brammer · Jul 18th, 2020 1:41 pm

San Francisco Police Department / Facebook

Last Updated Jul 20th, 2020 at 7:17 pm

The San Francisco Police Commission unanimously approved a measure that requires all police stations across the city to display Black Lives Matter posters, despite resistance from union members.

"The San Francisco Police Department shall, in each of its district stations and within 30 days of the passage of this resolution, display a poster or sign of at least 32 x 24 inches that prominently and exclusively features the expression "Black Lives Matter," the resolution reads. "The poster or sign shall be prominently displayed, placed in a location that is visible by the general public visiting the station and at all time the sign must be unobstructed from a distance of at least five feet."

Commissioner Dion-Jay Brookter, who co-wrote the resolution, said the idea came after he talked to several members of the community over the past month.

"This came directly from the community. We needed to show unity and solidarity and say that black lives do matter. My life matters. My five-year-old niece's life matters," Brookter said.

Although the new resolution has received much support, including from San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott, not everyone agreed with the measure prior to Wednesday's vote, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

"Police stations are places for the citizens of San Francisco to seek help and assistance when they have become victims of crimes," police union lawyer Rockne A. Lucia wrote in a letter. "They are not places for political endorsements or alignment with political organizations."

Police union President Tony Montoya said the commission needs to "stop their political grandstanding."

"It's time for the commissioners to get beyond hashtags, posters, and politics because our community is depending on them and all of us to make San Francisco a safer place for everyone," Montoya said.


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