Steve McQueen's 1968 "Bullitt" Mustang GT sells for $3.4M

by Bryan Brammer · Jan 11th, 2020 2:55 pm

The legendary Highland Green 1968 Ford Mustang GT driven by Steve McQueen in the film "Bullitt" just sold for $3.4 million at the Mecum auction in Florida on Friday — the largest amount ever paid for a muscle car.

During the world's largest collector car auction in Kissimmee, FL, the top bid bounced back and forth between a local participant and another person bidding on the phone before the remote buyer won the auction for $3.4 million.

A New Jersey insurance executive named Robert Kiernan bought the Mustang in 1974 for $6,000 after he saw a classified ad in Road & Track magazine, according to Vanity Fair.

Kiernan and his son, Sean, didn't start working on the vehicle until 2001. After Robert passed away in 2014, Sean finished remodeled the Mustang and revealed it to the world.

A few years after Kiernan bought the storied car in the late 1970s, McQueen tracked him down and asked if he could reclaim the vehicle in exchange for a similar Mustang but Kiernan declined the offer.


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