Stunning new video reveals Mars in high-definition for the first time

by Peter Heck · Jul 23rd, 2020 10:37 am

Last Updated Jul 24th, 2020 at 2:36 pm

Breathtaking images taken by three separate NASA rovers, named Spirit, Opportunity, and Curiosity, have revealed the surface of planet Mars in ultra-high definition for the first time.

The footage is actually a series of photographs taken and spliced together into a 10-minute video posted to YouTube.

Many of the locations featured in the video are regions of the red planet that have already been named by scientists, including Cape Verde, Santa Maria Crater, Burns Cliff, and Marathon Valley Entrance.

One peculiar element of the video is the yellow and blue cast of the planet's atmosphere. NASA says this is the result of the "recoloring of images done by NASA in order to aid geologists identifying rock formations." The tactic allows scientists to see the planet in much greater detail than the hazy red atmosphere would typically allow.

Two of the three rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, are no longer functional after having gotten stuck in both a sand dune and violent dust storm. A new rover, Perseverance, will arrive on Mars sometime next year. It will be equipped with a mini-helicopter that can be deployed to fly ahead of the operational rovers in order to identify future sand pits.


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