Supreme Court will hear case involving Trump's religious liberty exemptions to Obamacare birth control mandate

by Adam Ford · Jan 18th, 2020 8:39 am

The Supreme Court agreed on Friday to review Little Sisters of the Poor v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania involving a Trump administration rule allowing exemptions on religious or moral grounds from Obamacare's mandate that employers and religious groups provide employees with health insurance coverage for birth control and abortifacients.

The Trump rule allowing exemptions is now on hold after Pennsylvania and New Jersey successfully challenged it, blocking enforcement nationwide.

The case is brought by the Little Sisters of the Poor, an order of Roman Catholic nuns that has fought the contraceptive requirement since it was first imposed. Their legal counsel will present oral arguments against the State of Pennsylvania in April and the high court will decide the fate of the rule by late June.

The Little Sisters praised the Supreme Court's decision to hear the case:

"It is disappointing to think that as we enter a new decade we must still defend our ministry in court. We are grateful the Supreme Court has decided to weigh in, and hopeful that the justices will reinforce their previous decision and allow us to focus on our lifelong work of serving the elderly poor once and for all."


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