Texas salon owner previously jailed for opening shop during lockdown is running for state Senate

by Jeffrey Swindoll · Aug 30th, 2020 9:57 am

Facebook / Shelley Luther

Last Updated Oct 18th, 2020 at 1:33 am

Shelley Luther, the Texas salon owner who was jailed for defying lockdown orders, is now running for state Senate. She said she has received praise and donations from many people since her act of civil disobedience, prompting her to run.

"I've had thousands of people reach out to me. I think people are really yearning for a real person in government," Luther said on "Fox & Friends Weekend" on Saturday.

"Out of the 31 districts, for the Senate seat to open up where I live ... you'd better bet I'm putting my hat in the ring," Luther said last week at a rally in Denton County in support of law enforcement. "If you want someone that doesn't have to tell you they'll fight. If you want someone that doesn't have to tell you they'll stand up and go to jail for you, I'll do it again and again because I will fight to keep our Texas values," Luther said.

? In May, Luther was initially sentenced to a week in jail and fined $7,000. A GoFundMe campaign for Luther raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in response. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton called for Luther's release. Governor Abbott issued an executive order, freeing Luther from jail. After her release, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz visited Luther's salon to get a haircut.


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