Texas school district apologizes for adding books with graphic sex scenes to the reading curriculum

by Jenny Mount · Mar 11th, 2021 11:06 am

Last Updated Mar 12th, 2021 at 12:24 am

Books with inappropriate content, including graphic sex scenes, were assigned to teens as part of the reading curriculum that now has a Texas school district apologizing to parents.

One book, recommended to seniors, details an abusive lesbian relationship replete with bondage/discipline/sado-masochism scenes, and the explicit use of sex toys in graphic ways. Another, "My Friend Dahmer," described serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer's descent into murderous cannibalism.

A third book, chosen for ninth graders, included a gang rape plot:

"Take her out back, we boys figured, then: hand on the t***ies; put it in her coin box; put it in her cornhole; grab a hold of that braid; rub that calico," one passage from the book reads.

The new reading materials were selected last spring by the Leander Independent School District as a way to develop a new English Language Arts curriculum.

The district chose not to purchase multiple copies of each book, meaning teachers were not able to thoroughly read them.

"Some books containing passages not suitable for students made it through this flawed vetting process," said Leander ISD. "We acknowledge this breakdown in the process and apologize for selecting inappropriate literature for the assigned students' ages."

After seeing some of the content and themes of the books, stunned parents launched a petition to remove them and demand that parents be consulted before any similar material is assigned.

"Unfortunately, detrimental books have been delivered to minors without parental notification or consent," the petition says. "Some of it is outright harmful to minors by creating social and emotional problems in students where problems did not exist before."

According to Leander ISD, a policy banning the purchase of "inappropriate literature for the assigned students' ages" will be up for final approval this summer.


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