"The Mountain" from "Game of Thrones" breaks world deadlift record, hoisting 1,104 pounds

by Adam Ford · May 3rd, 2020 10:42 am

31-year-old Icelandic actor Hafthor Bjornsson, who played "The Mountain" in hit series "Game of Thrones," deadlifted 1,104.5 pounds Saturday, setting a new all-time record.


The man who, outside of acting, is known as "Thor," said he could've lifted more:

"I believe today I could've done more, but what's the point? I'm happy with this. My family and friends, they were happy with this, and I've decided to call it."

Bjornsson, who is 6'9", won the World's Strongest Man competition in 2018 and has finished third or better every year since 2012.


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