The New York Post endorses Trump: "Reelecting him is the best choice for the United States"

by Joel Abbott · Oct 26th, 2020 12:57 pm

Last Updated Oct 27th, 2020 at 7:10 pm

The New York Post published an endorsement of President Trump for reelection Monday, arguing that a second term would lead to "general prosperity," "economic freedom," and "really tick off Hollywood."

The Post outlined Trump's policy successes in his first term and contrasted the president's plans against Joe Biden's proposed agenda.

On the economy, the Post said that until the advent of COVID-19, the unemployment rate was the lowest in 50 years, that there was more demand for jobs than there was a supply of workers, and that incomes rose across the board. The Post argued that this happened by Trump "trusting the free market" and rejecting the "globalist axiom" of "trade deals and unfettered immigration."

On domestic policy, the Post said that Trump "rolled back the excesses of previous administrations" by defending the rights of the accused in college sexual assault cases, encouraging school choice, reforming criminal justice, and appointing hundreds of constitutionalist judges.

The Post also praised Trump's defense of American history and its founding documents.

"He's defended pride in American values against those who slander our entire nation as a racist enterprise," the outlet said in its endorsement.

The Post then defended Trump for his travel ban in early 2020 as COVID-19 began to spread, as well as celebrated Trump's peace deals in the Middle East, his kept promise of not involving the nation in new wars, his killing of top-level terrorists such as Qassem Soleimani, and his commitment to pushing other countries to honor their financial commitments in international bodies such as NATO and the UN.

In contrast, the paper said that a Biden administration "would be beholden to a socialist left that sees an opportunity to remake the nation in its vision, one more dependent on government debt."

"Joe Biden is a figurehead candidate for the Democratic Party," said the Post. "He rarely takes questions, sticks to his stump speeches, puts a lid on the day at the late hour of 9 a.m. There's no reason to think his presidency would be any different. The assurgent left of the party, AOC and the Squad, are salivating at the possibility of pushing through their agenda. Kamala Harris is measuring the drapes. Whatever moderate impulses Joe Biden may have, expect them to evaporate quickly in office — particularly if there's a united blue Congress behind him."

The Post also discussed the president's "habit of speaking before he thinks," counseling Trump to "lowers the temperature" in his rhetoric but admitting he "can be forgiven for being angry" due to the number of discredited theories attached to his name.

"The media are enormously fixated on Trump's tweets and extemporaneous remarks, never learning the lesson that most of the time, he is just riffing," said the Post. "In endorsing him, we're choosing to focus on President Trump's actions and accomplishments. He has kept his promises."

The outlet also said that Trump is looking to guide, rather than overhaul, the U.S.

"President Trump will not be looking to remake the country. He will trust that America will, given support but not interference, bounce back," the outlet said. "He will, in short, not get in the way. Re-electing him is the best choice for the United States."


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