3 states considering ban on puberty-blocking drugs for children who identify as transgender

by Daniel Payne · Nov 5th, 2019 4:06 pm
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Last Updated Nov 20th, 2019 at 10:35 am

Three states, all of them in the south, may soon make it illegal to administer puberty-blocking drugs to children who identify as transgender, a move inspired in part by the high-profile case of James Younger, the seven-year-old Texas boy whose mother is seeking to transition him into a girl against his father’s wishes.

Politicians in Texas, Georgia, and Kentucky are now considering laws that would bar doctors from prescribing puberty-blocking drugs to minors. Those drugs can be used to delay the onset of sexual development for boys and girls who believe themselves to be members of the opposite sex.

Republican Kentucky state representative Savannah Maddox, a sponsor of one of the state bills, said on Facebook that although she is a supporter of parental rights, it is “not the right of a parent to permanently alter a child’s gender or identity.”

🔦 In the United Kingdom alone, minors identifying as transgender increased over 4,000 percent in just ten years.