Transgender activists unload on city council for allowing cops in city hall during event honoring transgender people

by Daniel Payne · Dec 5th, 2019 3:11 pm

Last Updated Dec 6th, 2019 at 3:30 pm

Transgender activists confronted the city council of Olympia, Washington last month, slamming the governing board for allowing police officers in a government building while an observance was taking place to honor transgender people.

Video of the event shows a biological man presenting as a woman claiming to be "profoundly ashamed" that the council had permitted police inside city hall while a "Trans Day of Remembrance lighting" was taking place. According to a Facebook post, in mid-November the city of Olympia illuminated city hall with the colors of the transgender flag.

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"I am profoundly ashamed that city hall is willing to sponsor a ‘Trans Day of Remembrance' lighting in a building that has police, that has humans who are not on the side of the liberation of my sisters and my children," one transgender activist said. "You are telling me, you're gonna light up city hall to honor black and brown trans women? You're gonna light up a city hall that has police, and police are part of the problem.They kill my families, they make it unsafe to live."

Another transgender activist criticized the city council for "co-opting the symbols of my trans and gay siblings" in a building with the police. The activist claimed the police want to "eliminate" transgender individuals.


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