Trump blasts Biden for forgetting Romney’s name, his claim to be running for Senate

by Peter Heck · Oct 13th, 2020 8:59 am

Last Updated Oct 14th, 2020 at 11:37 am

At a campaign rally in Sanford, Florida, President Trump had some fun at the expense of his rival Joe Biden's difficult day.

While speaking to reporters en route to a campaign event, Biden could not remember former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's name, instead calling him "that senator who was a Mormon, the governor."

He made a similar gaffe later. During a campaign stop in Toledo, Ohio, the Democratic nominee became tongue-tied, announcing that he was "running as a proud Democrat for the Senate."

Trump wasted no time at his Sanford rally in highlighting Biden's mistakes.

"Sleepy Joe Biden, not a nice guy, by the way… He had a very bad day today," Trump said. "If I ever had a day like he had today, they'd say, ‘It's over. It's over.' … He forgot Mitt Romney's name. He didn't know what state he was in. And he said today he's a proud Democrat running for the U.S. Senate."

Trump also suggested Biden's mental lapses demonstrate he is not suited for the pressures of the presidency.

"The one thing I know for sure, President Xi of China… President Putin of Russia… Kim Jong Un…. they are 100 percent sharp," Trump said. "We have someone running who is not 100 percent, he's not 80 percent, he's not 60 percent."

According to Trump, these mistakes are not temporary lapses, but a sign of things to come. Biden "has got a lot of bad days coming," the president said.


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