Trump: "Iran appears to be standing down," U.S. "ready to embrace peace with all who seek it"

by Adam Ford · Jan 8th, 2020 11:49 am

The day after Iran launched missile attacks on U.S. air bases in Iraq, President Trump addressed the American people and the world regarding possible American retaliation.

In his brief speech, Trump embraced a tone of deescalation, saying that no Americans were harmed in the attacks, and "Iran appears to be standing down, which is a good thing for all parties concerned, and a very good thing for the world":

Trump announced that new economic sanctions would be imposed on Iran unless they "change their behavior," but did not indicate any further military strikes. He also blasted former President Obama's dealings with Iran, saying "The missiles fired last night at us and our allies were paid for with the funds made available by the last administration."

The president ended his remarks by wishing a "great future" on the people and leaders of Iran, before closing with, "The United States is ready to embrace peace with all who seek it":

Trump's full nine-minute statement can be viewed below:

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