Trump nominates pro-life conservative Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court

by Adam Ford · Sep 26th, 2020 6:02 pm

Last Updated Sep 27th, 2020 at 5:01 pm

President Trump officially nominated Amy Coney Barrett, a staunch pro-life conservative, to the Supreme Court on Saturday, saying:

"Today it is my honor to nominate one of our nation's most brilliant and gifted legal minds to the Supreme Court. She is a woman of unparalleled achievement, towering intellect credential and unyielding loyalty to the Constitution. Judge Amy Coney Barrett."

Barrett, who, if confirmed, will replace liberal justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, delivered remarks upon her nomination:

The president then posed with Barrett and her family:

Life News reports:

The nomination will set up a massive battle over her confirmation as she has already been aggressively attacked by Democrats, abortion activists and the mainstream media, especially over her Catholic faith.

Barrett, a law professor at the University of Notre Dame and judge on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, believes life begins at conception and has noted how both pro-life and pro-abortion legal experts have criticized Roe v. Wade as a bad decision. Barrett criticized the ruling for "ignit[ing] a national controversy" through judicial fiat.

Though her judicial rulings on abortion are few, she did rule in support of two Indiana pro-life laws during her time on the Seventh Circuit. She also has made several statements about the value of babies in the womb. According to the Law and Crime blog, Barrett signed a public letter in 2015 that emphasized "the value of human life from conception to natural death."


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