Trump suggests late Rep. John Dingell might be in hell, sparking backlash

by Jordyn Pair · Dec 19th, 2019 11:54 am

Last Updated Dec 19th, 2019 at 2:21 pm

President Trump is facing backlash after making a joke at a Michigan rally Wednesday night that suggested late Democratic Representative John Dingell was in hell.

Dingell represented Michigan from 1955 to 2015. He died in February at age 92. His wife, Debbie Dingell, won his seat and currently sits in Congress.

Trump talked about a call he received from the representative to thank the president for giving her husband what Trump called "A-plus" treatment after his death, including the lowering of flags and offering the use of the Capitol Rotunda.

"She calls me up. 'It's the nicest thing that's ever happened. Thank you so much. John would be so thrilled. He's looking down, he'd be so thrilled. Thank you so much sir.' I said that's OK, don't worry about it," Trump said at the rally.

"Maybe he's looking up, I don't know. Maybe. Maybe. But let's assume he's looking down," Trump then continued.

He then emphasized that Dingell voted in favor of impeachment on Wednesday. She responded on Twitter.

The president received backlash from others, as well.

The rally was held in Battle Creek, Michigan.


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