by Daniel Payne · Apr 17th, 2020 1:23 pm

President Trump on Friday morning tweeted out a series of politically charged rallying cries, calling for the "liberation" of citizens of Michigan, Minnesota, and Virginia — presumably from the coronavirus lockdowns that each state's governor has imposed.

Virginia and Michigan are among the more severely locked-down states in the country; Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has shut down the state until mid-June at the very least, while Michigan's Gretchen Whitmer has issued bans on private gatherings of any size and has famously barred state residents from purchasing gardening supplies or operating motorboats.

The president also urged Virginians to "save [their] great 2nd Amendment," presumably a reference to Northam's recent signing of several controversial gun-control bills in the state.

All three states are run by Democratic governors.


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