Trump’s legal team claims they will prove “Trump won in a landslide”

by Peter Heck · Nov 20th, 2020 8:59 am

Last Updated Nov 21st, 2020 at 7:47 am

During a Thursday press conference, attorneys for President Trump's campaign claimed that the president actually won the November election "in a landslide" and that they would "prove it."

Rudy Giuliani, counsel to the president, said that he and Trump's legal team had discovered "more than double" the votes necessary to overturn the election.

Claiming that "the number of voter fraud cases in Philadelphia could fill a library," Giuliani argued that Pennsylvania allowed "two different standards" in terms of counting ballots. The former NYC mayor also said that Georgia's recount was worthless since it did not include the inspection of signatures.

Other members of the legal team echoed Giuliani.

"This is stunning, heartbreaking, infuriating and the most unpatriotic act I can even imagine for people in this country to have participated in in any way, shape, or form," fellow Trump attorney Sidney Powell said. "And I want the American public to know right now that we will not be intimidated. We are going to take this country back."

Attorney Jenna Ellis remarked that the press conference was the Trump legal team's "opening statement" with plans to release hard evidence in court. But time is limited since multiple deadlines for state certification of votes are fast approaching.

To this point, the vast majority of the lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign to halt vote certification have either been dismissed or withdrawn.


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