In Mount Rushmore speech, Trump condemns "left-wing cultural revolution," "far-left fascism"

by Laura Mize · Jul 4th, 2020 11:08 am

Last Updated Jul 5th, 2020 at 2:48 am

Speaking from Mount Rushmore Friday night, President Donald Trump vowed a strong defense of American heritage and denounced recent attacks on monuments across the country, as well as efforts to silence dissent against "far-left fascism."

Thousands of people gathered to watch the speech, most them of them not wearing masks. The Navy's Blue Angels put on a sunset air show before Trump spoke, and the night also featured fireworks above the famous mountain.

Trump's address referred to Marxist ideology promoted by the Black Lives Matter movement, along with "cancel culture" and recent monument attacks as a "left-wing cultural revolution" that will not ultimately triumph in the United States.

"This movement is openly attacking the legacies of every person on Mount Rushmore," Trump said. The iconic monument bears the faces of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

The president also described the creation of a large new garden park that will hold statues of the "greatest Americans to ever live." Following the speech, the White House released the content of an executive order establishing the "National Garden." The order lists 31 people that will be represented in the park.

Trump described the left-wing activists who have been so vocal in recent weeks as trying "to silence us":

"But we will not be silenced ... We want free and open debate, not cancel culture ... Their goal is not a better America. Their goal is to end America ... But just as in centuries past, the American people will stand in their way."


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