Twitter, Facebook have censored Trump campaign 65 times; zero times for Biden

by Joel Abbott · Oct 19th, 2020 12:24 pm

Last Updated Oct 20th, 2020 at 9:33 pm

A new report published Monday shows that the Trump campaign has been overwhelmingly targeted by censors at Twitter and Facebook when compared to the Biden campaign.

According to conservative watchdog Media Research Center (MRC), the social media accounts of President Trump and his campaign team have been blocked, banned, or had posts removed for "disinformation" 65 times, while Joe Biden and his campaign have had no similar actions taken against them.

The Trump campaign quickly shared the report on Twitter.

MRC reportedly looked at two years' worth of social data and focused on individual accounts themselves, excluding any advertisements made by the campaigns.

The report showed that Twitter was responsible for the vast majority of censorship.

"Twitter has been far and away the biggest offender, labeling, fact-checking, and removing Trump's tweets and the tweets from his campaign accounts 64 times since the president's election," said the report.

Some of the content that Twitter took action against included:

  • A satirical video of Biden walking to the song "F--- Tha Police"
  • Tweets about the drug hydroxychloroquine
  • Various memes
  • Four videos, including one discussing pro-life policies

Facebook has has censored Trump and his campaign five times, and Facebook-owned Instagram has done so once. This included a video attacking Antifa that ask supporters to sign a petition designating the group a terrorist organization.

🔦 Last week, it was revealed that Facebook and Twitter employees give more than 90% of their political donations to Democrats, casting doubt on the organizations' ability to maintain a nonpartisan stance toward political views expressed on their platforms.


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