Twitter removes tweet from Dr. Scott Atlas for questioning the effectiveness of masks

by Peter Heck · Oct 19th, 2020 8:36 am

Last Updated Oct 19th, 2020 at 9:41 pm

Twitter continued a recent spate of censorship, this time deleting a tweet from White House coronavirus adviser Dr. Scott Atlas. Saturday, Atlas tweeted examples he said contradicted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance regarding the wearing of masks in public.

Though the link to Atlas's tweet now redirects users to Twitter's rules, it previously read:

"Masks work? NO: LA, Miami, Hawaii, Alabama, France, Phlippnes, UK, Spain, Israel. WHO:'widesprd use not supported' + many harms; Heneghan/Oxf CEBM:' despite decades, considerable uncertainty re value'; CDC rvw May: ‘no sig red'n in inflnz trasm'n'; learn why."

Though Atlas is the highest profile target of their censorship, Twitter has been prohibiting and deleting any coronavirus content it decides is misleading for several months. According to their "misleading information policy," Twitter uses the consensus view of "public health authorities" like the CDC and World Health Organization as the basis for determining accurate information.

Both groups have changed their view on masks over the last few months. After weeks of telling the public not to wear masks in public, the CDC changed its recommendation in April. The WHO, meanwhile, said in April that only healthcare workers should wear masks, but changed that opinion to all people in June.

Atlas, who used to head the neuroradiology department at Stanford University's medical center, is a senior fellow at the school's Hoover Institution.


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