TX Gov. Abbott encourages people to trust God through pandemic: "Lean on Jesus" and "you'll weather this storm"

by Adam Ford · Apr 19th, 2020 1:42 pm

In an interview with Pastor Jack Graham of Prestonwood Baptist Church during Sunday service, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott urged people to put their trust in God as they struggle through the coronavirus pandemic.

After outlining some actions he is taking in Texas, Abbott touched on his faith and urged people to people to look to God.

Abbott said:

"We are all tested, we are all challenged. There is a solution that will support you and will always be there for you and that's Jesus Christ, it's God Almighty. If you lean on Jesus and God, you'll be taken care of, you'll be able to weather this storm. God never promises us a life free of storms. What God promised was a pathway through those storms. That's what I've seen in my whole life and that's what I'm seeing in Texas. . . .

Put your faith in God. God will bring you through this and Texas will once again rise up to be the number one economy in the United States of America."

Watch the interview below (begins around the 23:45 mark):


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