TX sheriff says "it's absolutely true" that the Biden administration released illegal immigrants into U.S. without COVID-19 test

by Jordyn Pair · Feb 9th, 2021 2:02 pm

Last Updated Feb 10th, 2021 at 9:45 am

Sheriff AJ Louderback of Jackson County, Texas, told Fox News's Tucker Carlson on Monday that it was "absolutely true" that the Biden administration has been releasing illegal immigrants into U.S. communities without testing them for COVID-19.

"It's absolutely true," Louderback said. "It's even, if I can continue, Tucker, the memo, the memo that I received this last week, it's essentially a defund the ICE by memo, by a memorandum that was sent out by David Borkowski on January 20 or 21. So this is a particularly devastating document for Texans and Americans here in the United States. The message really has been sent, when I read it first and looked at it, it's a message to the world, you can come here illegally, you could commit crimes here against Americans and remain here illegally."

Louderback said Biden's policies would cause "irreparable harm." Customs and Border Protection said it is not testing for COVID-19 unless symptoms are obvious.

"Every police officer in the United States should be extremely concerned about the attitude, the lawlessness, the complete abject removal of law, we have a nullification of the law here going on," he said. "It's not we're not we're gonna … enforce anything, we're going to we're going to allow our CBP, our ICE officers, USCIS, all three were affected by this memo, which effectively guts the IMA and in handcuffs them where they're unable to respond...The public has no idea, the strength of a memorandum that's been filed here in the United States by this administration."

The policy follows President Biden's recent executive order revoking former President Trump's ending of the "catch and release" program, meaning immigrant officials are now releasing illegal immigrants back into U.S. cities.

CBP has said that the shift in policy stems from an increase in migrant traffic, Mexico's refusal to accept families with young children in areas with large immigrant camps, and reduced detention and transport capacity due to COVID-19.


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