University of Kentucky racially segregates trainees

by Jeffrey Swindoll · Oct 11th, 2020 2:34 pm

Last Updated Oct 13th, 2020 at 11:13 am

The University of Kentucky's Residential Advisors training sessions in August were segregated by race with whites and people of color shown different training presentations.

The email from the U.K. Resident Advisors said:

"We will begin the morning with a presentation from Brandon Colbert from Bias Incident Support Services (BISS). He is going to talk about microaggressions and microinvalidations in the workplace.This session will lead us into two separate breakout sessions--one for RAs who identify as Black, Indigenous, Person of Color and one for RAs who identify as White. You received an invitation to both sessions, but you are expected to attend only one that corresponds best to your identity.

In those sessions, the intention is to be conversational and free flowing as opposed to structured presentations. Please know that these sessions will be recorded, and the facilitators will be there to hold space for the participants to speak openly and honestly and ask questions."

Trainees that attended the "White Accountability Space" were given a document before the training titled "Common racist behaviors and attitudes of white people."

"We talked about how we could best support our minority colleagues and be more mindful of the microaggressions we commit against them every day by being white," an anonymous tipster from the training said. "They wanted us to acknowledge our ‘extensive white privilege.'"

Colbert, who gave the initial presentation, said on Twitter in June, "the stuff people tend to love about America is the stuff that makes it racist," including the National Anthem, Columbus Day, Independence Day, the police, and the American flag.

🔦 In September, President Trump announced the White House Office of Management and Budget would identify and eliminate all Critical Race Theory training currently being implemented in the federal government.


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