U.S. Air Force updates dress code to allow beards, turbans, hijabs for religious reasons

by Bryan Brammer · Feb 16th, 2020 7:18 am

The U.S. Air Force officially updated its dress code Friday to officially allow airmen to wear beards, turbans or hijabs for religious reasons.

An update to AFI 36-2903, which addresses the personal appearance of Air Force personnel, will allow airmen to request a waiver to wear religious apparel as long as it presents a "professional and well-groomed appearance," according to Air Force Times.

Any religious accommodation request must include the airman's job, the specific request along with the religious reason, and a comment concerning the sincerity of the request. The request must also include a photo or detailed description of the religious-affiliated item.

A religious exemption to a military policy can only be denied if the policy "furthers a compelling government interest."

🔦 In 2018, the Air Force updated its dress regulations to allow female airmen to wear their hair in the loc hairstyle. The revised dress code also permitted male airmen to wear earrings while dressed as a civilian or when off-duty.


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