Utah inmate escapes prison by shaving head, posing as fellow inmate set to be freed, police say

by Bryan Brammer · Feb 27th, 2020 1:44 pm

A Utah inmate escaped prison Tuesday after shaving his head and posing as a fellow inmate who was scheduled to be released, according to local police.

Kaleb Wiewandt, 41, who was arrested in December for escaping a halfway house, walked out of Weber County Correctional Facility in Ogden, Utah, after staff thought he was inmate Matthew Belnap, 31, who was scheduled to be freed that same night.

Belnap agreed to help Wiewandt escape by shaving his head and giving Wiewandt his ID card, according to a police affidavit. Wiewandt memorized Belnap's date of birth and Social Security number before reciting it to jail staff upon his release.

Approximately two hours after Wiewandt had left the facility, deputies discovered they had released the wrong man after Belnap reminded them that he still needed to be let go.

Wiewandt is still on the loose while Belnap, who was originally arrested for retail theft, was charged with obstruction of justice for his role in the escape.


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