Man survives weeks in remote Alaska wilderness after cabin burns down; rescued after writing "SOS" in snow

by Adam Ford · Jan 12th, 2020 4:00 pm

Last Updated Jan 12th, 2020 at 4:17 pm

30-year-old Utah man Tyson Steele survived more than three weeks in the remote, frigid Alaska wilderness before being rescued on Thursday by airborne state troopers who spotted the large "SOS" he wrote in the snow.

Steele's cabin burned down in the middle of the night in mid-December and he lost much of what he had with him, including his dog, Phil. He spent the first two nights after the fire in a snow cave before assembling a makeshift shelter with remains scavenged from the burned-out cabin.

The man had no means of communication and no source of light, other than fire, once his headlamp's batteries died after the first 10 days.

Steele had been living alone in the remote homestead, about 70 miles northwest of Anchorage, since September. Troopers flew to his location to conduct a welfare check after he had not been heard from for several weeks when they found his S.O.S. sign and spotted him waving for help.


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