Very important announcement for subscribers: GIF comments are now live

by Adam Ford · Mar 10th, 2020 11:11 am

In perhaps what is the most exceedingly important update since the launch of Disrn, we are happy to report to subscribers that GIFs are now live in the comments sections. Have fun!

Also, if you had not yet noticed, each subscriber now has a "community score," which is the little number under your comment-section avatar.

Our genius developer explains:

Your community score is a sum of your interaction with the Disrn community. When you like another person's comment, you get 5 points. When you comment on an article, you get 15 points. When somebody replies to a thread that you initiated, you get 25 points, and if somebody likes your comment, you get 50 points. In the future, these scores may be used for small giveaways or top-commenter badges.

Thank you for subscribing and supporting our work!


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