Vince Vaughn faces backlash for shaking Trump’s hand at National Championship Game

by Adam Ford · Jan 14th, 2020 12:54 pm

Actor Vince Vaughn is facing an angry backlash after being videoed shaking President Trump's hand at the college National Football Game Monday evening.

The Twitter video has racked up almost 6 million views as of Tuesday afternoon, and the actor's name is the number one trending topic on Twitter.

Some of the top reactions to the journo's tweet include:

  • "Shame to see Vince Vaughan so casually sit with a known traitor, terrorist and rapist with a smile on his face... but then we know how heavily shielded Trump is from any human being with a spine, so it's probably not too shocking."
  • "All of you saying calm down, Vaughn is shaking the hand of the man who is hell bent on destroying not just our democracy, but our survival in the world community, for his personal benefit. Wake up!"
  • "Vince Vaugh: explain yourself."
  • "I'll never not see this image when I look at #VinceVaughan. It may have ruined my favorite movies. It will definitely stop me from going to more of his movies. #Stage5Clinger #PutinsGOP"
  • "I used to have a massive crush on Vince Vaughn. Now I just want to barf ?"
  • "Shaking the hand of the man who colluded w/foreign leaders against his own country, instituted a law that lead to kidnapping & deaths of young children, recklessly brought America near to war & resulted in the deaths of 176 ppl shot down in retaliation, @VinceVaughn ... #Complicit"
  • "This sucks."

There were also myriad comments supporting Vaughn and rebuking those who were lambasting the actor, including this top reply:

  • "There are two groups of ppl in America. It's not democrats and republicans, it's people that want to get along and people who don't. There are way more ppl that want to get along than not. You're in the minority and you're losing."


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