Watch: 12-year-old slips off ski lift chair, hangs on all the way to the top

by Peter Heck · Mar 14th, 2021 6:39 pm

Last Updated Mar 15th, 2021 at 3:01 pm

A harrowing moment occurred at Canada's Table Mountain last weekend, and it was all caught on cell phone video.

Liam Gratton, a 12-year-old snowboarder, was riding up the ski lift at the Saskatoon slopes when a quick lift bar adjustment sent him slipping off the chair. The young boy managed to grab the bottom of the chair before he fell and, unable to pull himself up, was left dangling over the snowy mountainside far below.

A man named Aaron Arcand was riding in the chair directly behind Gratton, and managed to film the entire episode with his cell phone camera.

Thankfully, the young boy's grip held to the top of the slope where a lift operator saw him, stopped the lift, and helped pull the boy up to safety.

"We couldn't do anything, we just had to sit there," Arcand said of the scene that unfolded directly in front of him. "I started telling that boy to 'just hang on, don't let go, just keep on hanging man, just don't let go.' It was intense, a shocked feeling."

Liam's mom, Kaelah Gratton, said watching the video afterwards made her "sicker and sicker thinking about what would've happened if he would have fallen."


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