Wealthy Florida family faces charges for selling miracle COVID-19 cure that was just bleach

by Peter Heck · Apr 27th, 2021 9:59 am

Last Updated Apr 29th, 2021 at 8:17 pm

A Florida man and his three sons are facing charges after having made over a million dollars selling a COVID-19 cure that was nothing more than bleach. The family reports having sold at least 28,000 bottles of the product.

Mark Grenon, and his sons Jonathan, Jordan, and Joseph, have all been accused of fraud after promoting "Miracle Mineral Solution" to the masses at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Additionally, the elder Grenon is in hot water for comments he made during a 2020 podcast where he referenced weapons and threatened the federal judge that had halted his sales of "MMS." Grenon accused her of committing "treason" and teased the idea of another Waco, Texas, debacle.

The family allegedly produced their bleach product in a backyard shed south of Tampa. Concealing their work under the guise of a "nonreligious church," of which Mark is a self-described archbishop, the four men sold MMS promising it was a cure for COVID-19 and a host of other ailments. Cancer, autism, and diabetes were all conditions that the Grenons said MMS could cure.

Authorities uncovered large drums of chemicals used to make MMS and found the contents to be potentially lethal.

"When it is ingested orally, it becomes chlorine dioxide, a strong bleach used in industrial water treatments and in bleaching textiles, pulp, or paper," reports said.

At the time sales of MMS took off, the family's reported income jumped from $32,000 per month to $123,000 per month.


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