Welcome To Disrn — Your New Favorite News Site

by Adam Ford · Sep 24th, 2019 7:01 am

Last Updated Nov 15th, 2019 at 4:23 pm

After much time and toil, we are delighted to present to you a new kind of news and opinion outlet: Disrn.

(Yes, it’s pronounced “discern.”)

Swimming daily in the news cycle for years has taught me a lot about how information is transmitted for consumption. It’s also alerted me to the shortage of trustworthy news outlets that deliver what people actually want to know about in a quick, straightforward, honest manner.

Thus, Disrn was born.

Our motto is “Brief, smart, faithful”:

  • Brief: We deliver the news to you in a short, concise format, including just the details you need to know about while letting the rest blow away in the breeze. You can check in, quickly learn what you need to know, and then get on with your day. We also include links to more long-winded reports in case you want to know even more.
  • Smart: We immerse ourselves in the hectic news cycle every day and pluck out just what you need to know, discerning the important and interesting from the superfluous and hopelessly spun. What you end up with is succinct, intelligent reporting on the issues you care about, minus all the noise.
  • Faithful: The issues that are important to you are important to us. We deliver them to you daily with intellectual honesty and integrity, and without the clickbait or rage headlines.

We will also include opinion pieces from talented writers to help you think through the topics of the day.

We couldn’t be more excited to present Disrn to you. By “we” I mean myself, our team of writers, and my partner in this venture: the guy I sold the Babylon Bee to, Seth Dillon.

So yes, the guy who founded the Babylon Bee and the guy who now owns the Babylon Bee have created a real news site for you. What a time to be alive.

We’ve been delivering content to you for years and we’re confident we can build a news and opinion outlet for you that’s superior to anything else out there. We know what issues are important to you — we are you.

Also, with Disrn we are going to focus on building great email newsletters and, in the coming months, podcasts, in addition to the website. We love newsletters because they allow direct contact from us to you without algorithms deciding what you do or don’t see.

I urge you to join the thousands who have already signed up for the Adam Ford Newsletter, mostly because it’s the greatest newsletter on Planet Earth.

Or, if you just want a daily email compilation of all the articles published here without the humor and analysis, sign up for Disrn Daily. That’s just a straightforward daily digest.

Also, you can follow Disrn on Facebook and Twitter.

I’d be happy to hear your feedback: send it to [email protected].

Our goal is to make Disrn a valuable addition to your life — one that makes you more informed while saving you time and energy. We look forward to earning your trust.


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