White citizens and police officers wash feet of black leaders, ask for forgiveness

by Peter Heck · Jun 9th, 2020 9:32 am

Twitter / @stillgray

Amid ongoing protests against racial inequality and police brutality, a group of white police officers and citizens knelt to wash the feet of black religious leaders in Cary, North Carolina, on Saturday.

Cary Town Council member Lori Bush was among those who participated in what was called the Unity Prayer Walk.

One of the event organizers, Faith Wokoma, said it was an opportunity for the body of Christ to act "collectively."

"As we look through civil rights history, the church was always such a big part of change. And we don't want it to just be the black church or white church or Asian church," Wokoma told ABC 11.

Others who witnessed the act seemed to regard it more as performance than meaningful reconciliation, including Washington Post reporter Karen Attiah. Despite having grown up an evangelical Christian and thus understanding "how significant feet-washing is as a symbol of humility," she said she found the scene off-putting.

? The act of white people kneeling and requesting forgiveness for sins of their ancestors has become a common occurrence during the recent protests and riots spawned by the death of George Floyd.

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