Driver accuses 3 women of racism for cleaning BLM graffiti off D.C. federal building

by Adam Ford · Jun 4th, 2020 12:18 pm

A woman driving in Washington, D.C. Wednesday recorded herself berating and accusing three young women of "not caring about black lives" for trying to clean BLM graffiti off the Lafayette Building, which is a National Historic Landmark.

The driver called the women's actions "disgusting," despite their insistence that they "do not disagree with the message" and were "just trying to clean" the building.


  • Accosting the three women, the female driver said, "Why are you guys removing Black Lives Matter graffiti?"
  • The three explained that they were trying to clean up their community.
  • "But why do you want that to come off?" the driver asked.
  • One of the cleaners replied, "Because this is a federal building and we care about our country and our city."
  • The driver stated back, "So, you don't care about black lives, then."
  • "That's not at all what we're saying," one of the young women replied. "We certainly do care about black lives."
  • "Not enough to leave up a message," said the driver.
  • Another one of the young women replied, "We don't disagree with the message, ma'am, it's just on the building, and we're just trying to clean it."
  • "Right," said the driver. "Not a great way to use your white privilege, ladies. That's disgusting."

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