Video: Woman maces couple for not wearings masks in San Diego park

by Adam Ford · Jul 25th, 2020 2:26 pm

Last Updated Jul 28th, 2020 at 8:31 pm

An elderly woman sprayed a man and his wife with mace in a San Diego park on Thursday, allegedly because they were not wearing masks while eating a picnic lunch outdoors.

A passerby caught the event on video [language warning]:

The wife, who shared the video and story on Facebook, wrote:

So this happened today at dusty rhodes dog park today in ocean beach. This is my husband getting maced by a random old lady. We had our 3 month old pug with us. We were just sitting down eating lunch and minding our own business. We were not wearing masks because we were eating. You can't wear a mask and eat at the same time. She kept calling us idiots and flipping me off. Then she started saying more stuff and I told her to leave the park and stop harassing us. She then came right up to our table wear we were eating, pointed the mace at me first and got a little on me, and then my husband stepped in and took the entire can. Thank god for the bystander that took this video because we are going to the police now to press charges. I am sharing this because people need to watch out for this lady in San Diego. Please share to spread awareness. That is me crying hysterically in the background because my innocent husband just got maced for no reason. We want justice.

In the video, you can hear the wife crying hysterically, while the passerby who filmed the video repeatedly tells the elderly lady that it was "not OK" and asks, "What is wrong with you?" to which the woman replied with an expletive.

In a subsequent Facebook post, Ash, the wife, addressed people who commented that her husband should have physically stopped the elderly woman from attacking them:

So I would like to address something right now. A lot of people are saying he should've gotten physical with the KAREN but if we did the entire case would've gone in her favor. My husband is a very mature man and I wouldn't have wanted him to handle the situation any other way. All we want from this, is for her to get arrested so she can't put any people or animals at risk. We are not looking for money or anything like that. We just want this woman in jail. And if anyone knows the name of this lady please comment it below. I want to know


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