YouTube says it will ban misleading election videos

by Laura Mize · Feb 4th, 2020 12:19 pm

In a statement released on the official company blog on Monday, YouTube detailed its plan for evaluating and handling misleading content related to the 2020 presidential election.

The tech giant noted that it will take down "election content that violates our policies," and cited points from its existing "community guidelines."

YouTube is prohibiting content that "has been technically manipulated or doctored in a way that misleads users" that it believes "may pose a serious risk of egregious harm." The rule does not count against clips taken out of context, the company said.

False information about how to participate in the census, how or when to vote, and whether a candidate or government official is technically eligible for office also will be removed.

The company is also prohibiting impersonating another YouTube channel or person, claiming a false country of origin, and hiding a government affiliation. YouTube notes that channels violating these and other specified rules will be deactivated.

YouTube also said that the "political viewpoint" of the content will not affect application of the rules.

? YouTube joins Facebook and Twitter in grappling with how to handle election content that may be misleading. Twitter has banned political ads altogether.


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