Opinion: If you still don't get why so many people love Trump, let me give you 2 huge reasons

by Adam Ford · Feb 8th, 2020 4:07 pm

I gather that there are many people who still don't understand why so many people love Trump.

Not "like" him, not "tolerate" him — love him.

Two things have happened in recent weeks that combine to paint a perfect picture of exactly why people love Trump. And I'm going to tell you what they are, if you care to understand.

First: Trump became the first president ever to appear and speak at the March for Life.

Oh, seems like simple political pandering, eh? Just Trump being pro-life for the cameras?

So many other presidents were pro-life, right? Yes, they were. So why didn't Reagan, Bush, or W. ever appear at the March for Life alongside the tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of pro-life activists fighting for the unborn?

The New York Times explains:

No president has personally attended the march in its 47-year history. Past Republican presidents might have been inclined to attend, but either on the advice of staff or their own instincts saw it as a step too far and instead showed their support in less visible ways, like through remote messages or by meeting with activists.

Why didn't past Republican presidents attend? They thought it was too risky, that's why. "A step too far."

But Trump does not care about all that. He doesn't care. He's not in this to be a perpetual politician like the rest of them are. He's not going to stop and calculate how his every move might affect his polling with moderates. He's going to do what he wants, and he wanted to attend and address the March for Life. So he did.

People say, "Oh, Trump only spoke at the March for Life for political reasons."

Well, Reagan and both Bushes only didn't speak at the March for Life for political reasons. Which is better?

2.) Trump gave Rush Limbaugh the Medal of Freedom at his State of the Union address.

This was a big deal. So many people melted down. So many.

Why was this a big deal? Because Rush is one of the most consequential media figures of the past century. Tens of millions of people listen to him every week. He's been a major force behind the election of every Republican president in the past three decades.

But he's controversial. What popular conservative isn't? The media calls him a racist, sexist, homophobe, bigot, etc. — mainly because he's decoded them, along with their Democrat allies, and teaches the common American how to see through their whole charade. And he's almost always right.

Has he said some questionable things? Sure. Could you speak to the entire country, live, three hours per day for 31 years, and not end up with some dicey stuff for your motivated enemies to discover?

The lefties, coastal elites, and "low-information voters" who insist Rush is a racistsexisthomophobebigot likely haven't listened to ten minutes of his show in their lifetimes. But you know who listens to him every day? Twenty or thirty million ordinary, patriotic Americans.

Rush is a hero to them. A "guiding light." A conservative oracle. Utterly irreplaceable.

And he was just diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

But pearl-clutching balloon-heads in the "drive-by media" say he's off limits. You can't celebrate Rush! That would be problematic. Don't you know some people who've never listened to him have labeled him a racist?!

Again, Trump does not care.

Hiss, boo, throw a beer, throw a punch. He doesn't care. He doesn't care!

He actually loves it.

So what does he do? He awards Rush Limbaugh with the highest civilian honor in America. Right there at the State of the Union.

Put these two things together and what do you get?

Donald Trump is not a politician. That's why people love him. That's why many conservatives who didn't vote for him in 2016 have grown to love him. He does not consider himself bound by the status quo nor obligated to appease his naysayers. He cares nothing for vapid formalities or political caution. He's not into acting like a character from "The Crown."

He is fiercely loyal to his base. He'll do what he wants and he'll take the heat for it, gladly. He'll attend the March for Life. He'll give Rush the Medal of Freedom the day after he announces his advanced cancer diagnosis. He'll do what many common conservative Americans would do if they were president.

This is why so many people love Trump.


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