Opinion: A macabre devotion to the killing of unborn children is destroying the Democratic Party

by Peter Heck · Feb 10th, 2020 6:15 pm

At this point I don't think I'm overreaching to say that the Democrat Party doesn't need to be worrying about losing a second election to Donald Trump. They need to be worrying about losing their viability as a general interest political party.

Simply put, the Democrats have become so abandoned to abortion extremism, so thirsty for the blood money dripping from the corrupt faucets of the Planned Parenthood/NARAL gaggle, that they are willfully isolating themselves in an ideological corner so radical, it is at odds with almost 9 in 10 Americans.

Only 13% of the American public believes that child killing should be allowed at any time during a woman's pregnancy – including the moments immediately prior to delivery. Yet, the leading Democrat presidential candidates have made very clear that agreement on that point is mandatory for inclusion under their ever-shrinking partisan umbrella.

Three decades ago, at the start the Bill Clinton era, the Democrats were actively marketing themselves as the big tent party. Sure, they catered to particular interest groups, but ideologically they advertised a middle ground on social and economic issues that made for a broad-based appeal. Juxtaposed against a Republican Party disillusioned by the lack of a charismatic successor to Reagan, the Democrats appeared to be in strong shape heading into the new century.

A mere 20 years later, the presumptive front-runner for the Democrat presidential nomination is an intellectually incurious, self-professed socialist who just said this at a recent candidate forum:

It's difficult to decide what is the most astounding part of this ignorant declaration. Scientifically and morally, it's abhorrent. This isn't the early 1970's, after all. It would be one thing if Sanders was operating under the false assumptions and virtual scientific illiteracy regarding fetal development that existed when Roe v Wade was improperly imposed. But an announcement that his party is exclusively pro-feticide in 2020 is a tacit admission that it is either exclusively anti-science or exclusively anti-human rights.

Consider also that Sanders began one of his sentences with the words, "By this time in history." It's a bewildering and stupefying reality that Sanders takes such pride in publicizing his party's ignorance of, or antipathy towards, logic and ethics.

But as bad as that perspective is, consider the foolishness of the statement from the standpoint of political strategy. There's no question that the Obama era changed the trajectory of the Democrat Party – not just in its policy agenda, but in its demographic, geographic, and ideological appeal.

In a 2016 election postmortem, The Atlantic's Ronald Brownstein observed the disconcerting shift on the left:

Obama intensified these dynamics with a distinctive strategy that bound Democrats to the political priorities of their heavily urbanized new coalition, especially on cultural issues from gay rights to immigration reform. That came at the price of further alienating the GOP's competing coalition of older, blue-collar, and religiously devout whites, who live largely outside of urban areas. And it was those voters who mobilized to narrowly elect Trump and preserve Republican control of Congress.

And here in 2020, rather than correcting course, the Democrats appear to be doubling down on the strategy of voter alienation. Remember that before Sanders slammed the door on pro-lifers being welcome in the Democrat Party, his rival Pete Buttigieg told a pro-life woman in his audience that he opposed changing the party's platform language to include and welcome people like her.

All this earns the applause of the fanatics that fill the halls of these types of choreographed forums. But it also causes Americans of moral conscience who may hold anything but affection in their hearts for Trump's Republican Party to increasingly see the Democrats as an undesirable and unacceptable alternative.

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