Opinion: A simple, but serious question for society’s cancel crusaders

by Peter Heck · Mar 5th, 2021 9:21 am

Last Updated Mar 11th, 2021 at 12:35 pm

As cancel culture mania hits terminal velocity in our culture, I know I can't be the only one to notice how none of this makes any sense.

They came for Dr. Seuss over racial insensitivity for heaven's sake. Dr. Seuss. The guy who did more to embed a truly anti-racist message in the hearts and minds of generations of American children than the greatest civil rights champions, or their cause-corrupting modern progenies ever could.

The rigid, inflexibility of demanding one must perfectly adhere in all circumstances to current social mores, even if they lived long before such mores evolved (or devolved), is as unsustainable as it is cruel.

And I don't say this as someone who thinks he's impervious to the long, unforgiving hand of the Grim Canceler. If an international superstar secularist, LGB-ally, pop culture darling like J.K. Rowling can be steamrolled into a transphobic cretin by this monster, what hope does a straight white dude from the Midwest who believes in biblical inerrancy and God's design for human sexuality have?

It's only a matter of time until the woke bell tolls for all of us, because that is the altar at which our culture has foolishly chosen to worship. Having rejected God and His moral precepts, we've concocted our own counterfeit morality – minus the grace, forgiveness, and love with which He administers His.

So, before my inevitable and inescapable canceling renders me publicly mute, I'd like to pose a question to those feigning control over this out-of-control freight train of intransigent judgmentalism.

By what standard are you rendering your cancelation verdicts?

Don't misunderstand – we all are fully aware what has been classified as "bad":

  • The isms: racism, sexism, heterosexism, classism, ableism, gender binarism
  • The phobias: homophobia, biphobia, transphobia
  • The catch-alls: MAGA affiliation, Western Civilization apologist, failing to list your preferred pronouns if for no other reason as a sign of conformity and solidarity

Again, we all know what is considered culturally sinful, I'm asking why you say it is. What is the moral guidepost you are using to make that declaration?

After all, it should be clear by virtue of the fact that we are torching copies of "Fox in Socks," and tearing down statues of anyone born before the year 2015, that prevailing sentiment and popular opinion aren't reliable foundations for moral absolutes. So, what's your foundation?

What tells you that racism is wicked or that saying cruel things about a gay person is wrong? I'm not arguing with you about your conclusion, I'm asking you how you arrived at it and how you know that it's trustworthy?

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For us Christians, that's a pretty simple answer. We recognize that telling humanity something is wrong just because a group of us – even a massive group of us – think it is, leaves us all flapping in the breeze of moral relativity. The Nazis had majority support for their heinous views, after all.

No, the only way morality can be absolute – that is, reliable enough to hold others accountable to it – is if there's a Moral Law that exists outside all of us; something beyond our opinions and preferences.

We believers find that something in the character of God. That's why we need Scripture. When I declare racism is evil, and that saying cruel things about a gay person is immoral, I'm comparing those actions against the character of God as revealed in the Bible. That's our answer key. Actions that comport with God's character are good. Those that are in conflict with God's character are bad.

That's fixed. That's unmovable. That's absolute. That's reliable.

As much as I know they have it in for all of us, I can't and won't fault the cancel crusaders for desperately trying to exert a moral code. Mankind is wired to know one, and need one.

Truthfully, the flailing attempt to create their own feeble forgery is nothing if it isn't another one of "God's invisible qualities – His eternal power and divine nature…being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse."

To the cancel mob, you are right that there is moral and immoral, good and bad, right and wrong. But those categories cannot (and will not) exist in a universe (or culture) divorced from God's righteousness.

So, what if we re-channeled our cancel impulses into learning more about Him, how to mutually submit to and enjoy Him? I bet if we did, we wouldn't be able to avoid obtaining the capacity to love mercy as we deal with one another.

Isn't that a better approach to improving society?


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