Opinion: Abortion is a tool men use to oppress women

by Peter Heck · Nov 29th, 2019 2:43 pm

When the Gallup organization released the newest polls showing American support for abortion broken down by gender, it raised several eyebrows. Among the findings:

  • By a significant margin, women are more likely than men to consider themselves pro-life.
  • By a significant margin, women are less likely than men to consider themselves pro-choice.
  • By a significant margin, women are more likely than men to say abortion should be illegal in all circumstances.
  • By a significant margin, women are less likely than men to say abortion should be legal in certain circumstances.

Don't be surprised if that seems odd to you, given that these realities all run contrary to the narrative that has been pushed by pro-abortion forces and faithfully peddled by their mainstream media allies for a generation. To hear them tell it, the ability to abort children is all that stands between women and their complete oppression at the hands of the patriarchy.

Rarely do I write a column discussing this human rights issue without hearing from someone telling me that men have no business engaging the topic. Of course, that perspective has always been the epitome of sophistry and the last argument to which cowards resort. Human rights should be defended by all people, regardless of race, gender, or any other social dividing line. Further, it's a complete inversion of common reason to suggest that the father of a child should defer in silence when debate arises over that child's right to live.

The truth is that the expansion of women's rights runs concurrent with the protection of the unborn. It's what early suffragettes and pioneers of feminism understood. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, organizer of the Seneca Falls Convention herself, referred to the, "murder of children, either before or after birth" and stated, "We believe the cause of all these abuses lies in the degradation of women."

Stanton was absolutely correct.

Legal abortion is the greatest tool a male sex trafficker or serial abuser of women could ever contrive. When one of the young girls they profit from becomes pregnant, a covert, legal abortion allows them to keep her serviceable and marketable.

Legal abortion is a quick fix for male pedophiles and perverts who serve their own predilections by hurting girls and ruining their lives. Countless children, sexually abused and impregnated by their fathers, step fathers, or other male family members have been surreptitiously funneled into a legal abortion clinic to have the sin concealed. Once the "problem" is removed, the abuse continues and the pattern is repeated for years.

Legal abortion is a license to objectify and discard for unscrupulous frat boys who see women as sexual playthings rather than equals. The would-be father has his fun, then pressures and manipulates the young woman he impregnated into a dangerous but legal procedure that leaves her and her alone to suffer with the physical and psychological consequences.

So don't be surprised by the Gallup poll. Because despite the relentless efforts of pop culture progressives, most women understand the fairly obvious reality that abortion isn't an exercise of liberation; it's a means of exploitation.

And maybe it's time to stop asking pro-life men why they oppose the practice, and instead start asking the rest of them why they don't.


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