Opinion: AOC tangles with Ted Cruz — 1 guess how that ended

by Peter Heck · Mar 2nd, 2020 5:28 pm

I guess you could say she fell victim to one of the classic blunders, the most famous of which is "Never get involved in a land war in Asia," but only slightly less well-known is this: "Don't get into a debate with Ted Cruz when millions are watching."

Why is that such a bad idea? Just ask socialist Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who recently committed this grave error in a Twitter back-and-forth that culminated with her refusing to answer elementary questions while simultaneously trying to prove how smart she was by embarrassingly bragging about her second-place finish in a high school science fair. Seriously. It was that bad.

It all started when Cortez spouted off about Vice President Pence spearheading America's response to the Coronavirus outbreak. Attempting to score some quick likes and retweets on social media, Cortez accused Pence of "literally" not believing in science. Cruz had questions:

This is, of course, the danger for the left any time they bring up "science" these days. From abortion to transgenderism, progressives have, for political reasons, proven themselves willing to eschew actual scientific reality in deference to convenience-based emotionalism.

They don't want the child in the womb to be a human baby so they ignore pre-natal science and declare the little girl a "blob of tissue," a "tumor," or a "non-viable fetus."

They don't want to acknowledge the existence of demarcating sexual lines or the existence of sexual immorality, so they ignore biology, anatomy, and physiology as they prattle on about preferred pronouns and how #loveislove.

This sorry state of intellectual vapidity that progressives find themselves in left Cortez paralyzed by Cruz's simple scientific queries. After what was undoubtedly an emergency confab with her crack social media staff, the popular socialist offered this up in response:

Oh man. There are more than a few things worth noting in this dreadful self-own. Let's consider:

  1. AOC rattles off a list of honors and distinctions she has accumulated through the years. This is the same AOC who builds a political career off of the notion that women are disadvantaged and unable to excel at receiving honors and distinctions. Which is it?
  2. An internship with a U.S. Senator is distinguishing, even if that Senator was Ted Kennedy. But it would seem an internship is often, for those capable, a gateway to a full-time position. That AOC freely admits she was kept in an intern position for multiple years doesn't seem to speak well of her perceived value amongst her superiors.
  3. I have scoured Cruz's tweet multiple times and am yet to decipher any moment where he called into question her intelligence based on "the lowest income" she's had. She seems to be accusing Cruz of mocking her short stint working as a bartender. I don't know if that was an attempted distraction, misdirection, or maybe it was an attempt to play the victim. Whatever it was supposed to be, it was weird and misleading.

    And most importantly…
  4. She didn't answer any of his simple questions. She quite noticeably didn't even attempt to answer them. Why? They aren't hard, and to the degree that AOC regards them as "gotcha questions," it only reveals how desperate the left has become to answer for their anti-science politicking.

I get that leftist media sources will dutifully cover for her. RawStory trumpeted AOC "dunking" on Cruz, Salon crowed that she had "schooled" Cruz on science, The Guardian cracked that Cruz's attempt to mock AOC's scientific knowledge "didn't end well," and HuffPo joined in the bizarre misrepresentation of the exchange as well. They all do this because they realize they are all just as culpable in mangling and betraying real science for the sake of a political agenda as these politicians are. If AOC gets exposed, they won't be far behind.

But that's the glory of these things playing out on social media. The Democrat media complex's ability to manipulate people into believing what happened is totally undermined by people's ability to see it for themselves. And AOC's befuddled silence on the easiest scientific questions imaginable speaks loud enough for everyone to hear.

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