Opinion: Christians, we are going to have to #resist

by Peter Heck · Nov 12th, 2020 12:17 pm

Last Updated Nov 18th, 2020 at 10:24 am

No one will ever mistake social media sites like Twitter as places where critical thinking and thoughtfulness abounds. In fact, when the history of our time has written, there's no question that social media will be found thoroughly responsible for so much of the dumbing-down and division of our people through lovely little provocative gems like this:

To be fair, the creator of this thing wasn't writing a doctoral thesis, they were creating a TikTok video designed to do one thing: inflame those who were Trump voters. By all accounts it worked. You can hear evangelical Trump voters coming up for air right now, screaming, "I didn't vote for those things, I voted for his policies." Of course, those who liked and retweeted the video don't care about that.

Nor do they care to see it debunked or turned around on them. We could obviously create any number of rebuttals, highlighting the worst allegations – substantiated or not – about a Democrat and post it. Or we could challenge the logical premise of the video and post any number of figures who have a, shall we say, sketchy past but who most might say deserve support regardless. People like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

But again, all that misses the point that people who post these things are merely wanting to insult, not to think.

What I admit is always most amusing to me about these kinds of things is the overt condemnation of Christians for their perceived failure to uphold biblical standards of morality. Those offering the condemnation are inevitably the same group of people who reject the premise that biblical standards of morality should have anything to do with decisions made in the public square.

So maybe the way to react to this kind of jab isn't to get upset at all. Maybe it's to shrewdly "accept" the rebuke and pledge to these gatekeepers of godliness that henceforth believers will not offer support, aid, money, or votes to those who fall short of some reasonable standard of righteousness.

And in case these meme-creators were curious, exactly zero of these things are acceptable for a godly person:

  • Immediately restoring federal funds to facilitate the dismemberment of God's creations in utero
  • Seeking to enact legislation to close down Christian schools and universities for maintaining a biblical code of ethics for employees and students
  • Legal harassment of nuns aimed at bullying them into conduct that violates their conscience before God
  • Erasing the uniqueness and godly identity of women, dubbing it a mere "social construct"
  • Empowering 8-year-olds to choose life-changing sexual organ mutilation and chemical poisoning through cross-sex hormone treatments

In fact, these travesties are so flagrantly anti-Christ that they demand the vocal, financial, and legal resistance of all Christians. Perhaps we should even start a #resist hashtag movement for the sake of public awareness?

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