Opinion: Biden's apparent win has emboldened Antifa/BLM, not pacified them

by Peter Heck · Nov 18th, 2020 9:12 am

Last Updated Nov 20th, 2020 at 9:29 am

A month or two before the election I was chatting with a colleague about our concerns relative to the fraying social fabric we see unraveling all around us. He told me his greatest fear about the re-election of Donald Trump was that it would infuriate Black Lives Matter and Antifa radicals who would proceed to burn our cities to the ground. But on the flip side of that coin, he said that he equally feared that the election of Joe Biden would embolden Black Lives Matter and Antifa radicals to believe that their chosen strategy of terror, intimidation, and violence was an effective means of getting what they desire.

Though the mainstream media dutifully did their best to pretend it didn't happen, anyone with access to the social media workaround of a news industry that can no longer be trusted to tell the truth, just saw for themselves how justified that latter fear was.

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Some of these videos aren't easy to watch, but here is what unfolded last weekend in the nation's capital when Republicans gathered in the streets to march in support of President Trump.

Warning: violence and language

A few things about this gross behavior by the radical left.

  1. It reveals the con of so-called progressive Christianity. This is the movement that pretends Scripture counsels the rejection of the Republican Party and its candidates because they don't do enough to "care for the least of these" as Jesus taught. The right has rejected the plight of the needy, the abused, the victims, they say. The right has rejected the way of the peacemaker, they reason. Tough to find more abused victims, and less peace this last weekend than those videos revealed. Yet not one singular tweet or comment about it from leading progressive Christian voices. Jim Wallis, Shane Claiborne, Brian McLaren, Tony Campolo, Jonathan Merritt, the Red Letter Christians – all combined for a grand total of zero public comments or condemnations of the violence.

  2. It is unacceptable that there was no (or at least not enough) riot police to put a stop to this. It seems unfathomable that President Trump merely tweeted his disgust for the attacks on his own supporters without ordering aggressive action be taken. Granted, the president blamed the D.C. Mayor for not maintaining control, but that seems a weak response when the president sent in a federal tactical team to Seattle for the same reason. While maintaining the social order may legally fall under her authority, surely the president should know by now how disinterested Muriel Bowser is in doing her job.

  3. It once again demonstrates the worthlessness of the American media. The institution is hopelessly broken, and likely will not recover until it is burned to the ground and rebuilt from scratch. (Ironically, the BLM/Antifa rioters they refuse to highlight or condemn may be able to assist in the burning to the ground part.) Consider that the same media that covered the Trump rallies earlier in the day, only so they could tell everyone how small the crowd size was, saw no evil, heard no evil, and spoke (about) no evil once the terror ensued.

    If you want to understand how fully ruined our "fourth estate" is, ask yourself if they would have covered and how they would have framed the stories if those were white supremacists in the videos attacking participants of the women's march in D.C. You actually don't have to imagine. Just remember how the mainstream press breathlessly covered a Catholic high school student smirking at a Native American for weeks, yet will yawn at and pass on the above videos. We have no objective, trustworthy mainstream media source in America.

  4. It doesn't represent the vast majority of liberal citizens or Democrat voters. This isn't Joe Biden's base. But far too many liberal citizens are complacent or disinterested in condemning this conduct. They want the votes of BLM and Antifa and so they turn away, downplay, or otherwise ignore the danger they represent to the civil order with their brand of violence. Time will tell how a Biden administration will handle these chaotic scenes as they continue to unfold, but the silence and disinterest in condemning the conduct now from both Joe and Kamala doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

It seems now that in their abject hatred for Trump, the left and media (but I repeat myself) have allowed a dangerous cancer to metastasize in the hopes it would merely take him, a singular organ of the American body, out. But that isn't how cancer works, and now it's in our bloodstream.

God help us.


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