Opinion: God help us — they actually think this is a good abortion answer

by Peter Heck · Dec 10th, 2019 2:05 pm

Back in June, Elizabeth Warren conducted a townhall style meeting hosted by MSNBC's Chris Hayes. At that time, Warren was dragging in the polls and no one really cared what she was saying. But as Warren's presidential stock has risen dramatically in the last month, clips from that townhall have begun making the rounds. Specifically, this one, where Warren powerfully opines on abortion:

A liberal political host went viral when he tweeted the video and with the comment, "G*d d*mn Elizabeth Warren is on point here."

GQ writer Sophia Benoit was beside herself in admiration, commenting, "This is one of the best answers on abortion I have seen from a candidate ever."

As sad as it is to think she might be serious about that, she wasn't alone. Comedian Andy Richter retweeted her sentiments to his 1 million followers.

Still, outside of her fierce head-bobbing, and verbal finger-waving, the logical foundation for her position was conspicuously absent. Parsing her rhetoric in pursuit of intellectual substance quickly becomes an exercise in futility. And it reveals just how jarringly void the political left has become of literally any sound justification for the barbaric act of fetal homicide.

If this is truly the best they've got, let's examine it:

"I lived in an America where abortions were illegal. Understand this: women still got abortions. Now, some got lucky on what happened and some got really unlucky on what happened. The bottom line is they were there."

The principle Warren invokes here is that since people will still have abortions regardless of the law, we should make it legal to keep it safe. But rational people grasp that determining the legality of an act solely on the basis of whether all people will obey that law would leave us an anarchical society with no laws whatsoever. We don't write laws based on how many people we think might try to break them; we write laws because some things are flagrantly immoral. Substitute any other moral issue in for abortion to understand that the legitimacy of Warren's position is completely dependent upon the morality of the act in question.

For instance, pedophiles still molest children even though we live in an America where child molestation is illegal. Violent criminals still rape innocent women even though we live in an America where rape is illegal. But no candidate in their right mind would propose we build safe homes for child molestation to occur legally in a "safe, monitored environment." They wouldn't suggest we encourage the proliferation of "rape houses" where sexual assault could take place legally in a secure, regulated manner.

Because again, if an act is brazenly evil, no sane person would recommend legalizing it just to satisfy the urges of those with immoral impulses. Yet that is precisely what Warren's case appears to be; and that sophistry is now what counts as brilliance on the political left.

So let's retire this nonsense about Warren being "on point" or delivering, "one of the best answers" ever seen on abortion. What Benoit and the others cheering Warren really mean is that she gave one of the best deflections and artful misdirections a candidate has ever negotiated on camera.

But the cold truth? Elizabeth Warren is an utter coward.

She is smart enough to know what we all know, that this issue comes down to a singular question: what is conceived in the womb? It's all that matters in this debate. If what is in the womb is a living human being, then every advocate for legal abortion necessarily becomes an advocate for legalized murder. And that's what leaves the rest of Warren's monologue an ethical train wreck:

"Under the Hyde Amendment and every one of these efforts to try to chip away or push back or get rid of Roe v Wade, understand this: women of means will still have access to abortions. Who won't will be poor women…working women…women who can't afford to take off three days from work…very young women…women who have been raped and women who have been molested by someone in their own family."

Consider how macabre it would be to hear Warren complaining that rich people get to kill their teenagers but poor people can't afford to do the same. The outlandishness we all recognize in such a radical proposition is precisely why this entire abortion debate is fully and completely settled in the minds of civilized man by the answer to that singular question of what is conceived in the womb.

And it just so happens to be the singular question Elizabeth Warren, as well as virtually every pro-choice advocate, refuses to answer. There's a reason for that.

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