Opinion: Harris vs. Trump: Democrats finally choose their presidential nominee

by Peter Heck · Aug 12th, 2020 1:51 pm

Last Updated Oct 14th, 2020 at 3:27 pm

So do I get to claim credit for calling this or not? In an April 2019 article, I made my prediction for the Democrat presidential nominee public:

I still say it will be Kamala Harris despite her currently low poll numbers.

Three months later when it wasn't going well, I stubbornly stuck with her:

I thought then, and I still think now that it will be Kamala Harris.

By the end of August, my prediction had devolved into hoping for a miracle:

I'm not ready to pull the plug on my prediction that Kamala Harris would be the Democrat nominee in 2020…yet. There's way too much time for her and she has way too much ambition to count her out. But I have to admit that I am legitimately shocked at how bad she is at this.

When Harris dropped out, it appeared that political prophecy was not my strong suit. But, how do you like me now?

Now, I suppose it's only fair to admit that this isn't exactly the way I had envisioned her ascension, but it still counts. And if you're curious why I think I deserve credit, I explained it in a piece right here two weeks ago:

Once Joe Biden has selected his vice-presidential nominee, rational voters will have to treat her as the de facto nominee.

Let's make sure we understand that this race in 2020 is not Biden vs. Trump. It's Harris vs. Trump. No, she won't stand across from him on the debate stage, provided that there are debates. She won't have her name listed in as big of font as Biden.

But combining Harris's notoriously insatiable professional ambition:

…and Biden's rapid mental decline:

…there isn't a politically informed person that doesn't realize she is the Democrat nominee at this point.

Whether Biden lasts to November, makes it through the inauguration, completes a year or two in office or not, the Democrat operatives who actually made this selection for Biden did so understanding that they were selecting the de facto leader of their party going forward.

Is it surprising that they chose someone who stopped just short of calling their NINO (Nominee in Name Only) a racist on stage?

Is it surprising that they chose someone who claimed she believed the women who called their NINO a rapist?

Is it surprising that they chose someone who was completely disemboweled by Tulsi Gabbard live on national television?

Is it surprising that they chose someone who has a tremendous amount of, well, bizarre baggage?

Yes, all that is quite surprising.

But that is what they've done, and that is what they will have to live with. Just as I predicted.

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