Opinion: Here’s why many people disgusted by Trump’s antics will gladly try to re-elect him

by Peter Heck · Nov 7th, 2019 4:25 pm

Last Updated Nov 20th, 2019 at 11:27 am

Further evidence that we truly are living in one of the most bizarre political chapters of American history, recent polls of Americans have suggested two seemingly conflicting conclusions. On the one hand, a majority support the impeachment and removal of President Donald Trump, and on the other hand, a majority also expect President Donald Trump to win re-election next year.

You wouldn’t be alone if that contradiction leaves you scratching your head and questioning the legitimacy of political polling altogether. But I think there’s a completely legitimate explanation for their seeming incongruity.

Begin with the understanding that there are two highly motivated, extremely vocal groups operating at opposite ends of the Trump spectrum: the haters who would vote for Satan if he were on the ballot opposing Trump, and the cultists who would vote for Trump even if he were Satan. These groups are entrenched, fixed, motivated, and immovable.

The ambiguity comes from the rest of the electorate. It comes from those who are somewhat regularly annoyed, frustrated, and even disgusted with the president but who also are unwilling to participate in cultural suicide to remove him.

The oft-entertaining, persistently provocative, Trump-skeptic social commentator Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) may have just explained this phenomenon better than anyone else in a semi-profane tweet I’ll edit for you here:

Warren: I’m getting rid of your doctor again & either eliminating your employment altogether or just gouging you to death in taxes to pay for a new [crappier] doctor

Trump: I’m insane & I tweet like your chain-email conspiracy-Q(Anon) uncle, but at least I’m not taking away your doctor

I wrote recently about the increasing likelihood that the Democrats are actually poised to nominate Hillary 2.0 for the presidency in the person of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. Warren’s newly announced $52 trillion, national bankrupting Medicare for All plan is actually just the latest in a string of terribly unpopular (and untenable) policy proposals from Warren.

What Miller is getting at in his tweet is that no matter how off-putting Trump’s antics may become, average, ordinary citizens will be willing to put up with it if their only alternative is freedom-destroying, economy-crippling, woker-than-thou socialism.

The left appears to be tragically caught up in believing their own headlines. They loathe Trump and believe he is “literally Hitler.” To them it is a metaphysical certitude that all those dupes who voted MAGA in 2016 have had the scales lifted from their eyes by the dogged efforts of the Democrat Media Complex, and won’t dare make the same mistake twice.

But if it’s true that the vast majority of Americans aren’t part of the polarized political tribalism that defines those in the 24-hour cable news world, they are likely to approach the 2020 election seeing the binary choice exactly as Miller describes.

  • Trump or socialism
  • Trump or losing their doctor
  • Trump or government harassment of churches
  • Trump or the rewriting of the 2nd Amendment
  • Trump or open borders
  • Trump or the mainstreaming of Antifa
  • Trump or judicial imposition of complete sexual anarchy
  • Trump or the mainstreaming of to-the-moment-of-birth abortion extremism

No, I don’t think the majority of Americans are even remotely interested in being part of the MAGA cult. But I’m convinced they are far less interested in abiding an all-out legislative and cultural assault on their values and ideals. If Trump is all that stands between them and that reality, the anti-Trump legions on the left might want to begin preparing for four more years.

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