Opinion: I can’t believe the Democrats are going to nominate Hillary 2.0

by Peter Heck · Nov 4th, 2019 3:32 pm

Last Updated Nov 20th, 2019 at 10:01 am

As the election results poured in on election night 2016, like millions of Americans I watched in disbelief as the unthinkable occurred: somehow, some way, one of the most improbable presidential candidates in the history of American politics, a man whose policy proposals never got more detailed than, "trust me, I’ll have the best policy you’ve ever seen," a man with potentially more personal baggage than Larry Flint, was being elected President of the United States.

As the election post mortem was written, it became tacitly clear how it had happened. The Democrat Party had managed to nominate one of the only people on planet Earth capable of losing to candidate Trump in 2016. And she did. In spectacular fashion.

In the immediate aftermath, the unifying cry from Democrats across the fruited plain echoed resoundingly "never again." 2020 would be different, they said. 2020 would see the Party nominate a consensus candidate, one free of corruption, one capable of unifying not just the left’s varying factions but the disgruntled moderates who broke decisively for Trump.

Yet now, on the eve of their nomination contests, it appears increasingly likely that history is about to repeat itself. Like a dog returns to its vomit, Democrats look poised to nominate an elderly, robotic white woman, stained by scandal, radical in her politics, severely limited in her appeal, and known best for her nauseating pandering.

I don’t deny that Hillary Clinton’s corruption was unique and unprecedented. But what is her 2020 incarnation, Elizabeth Warren, best known for? How does the average American identify her as they try to keep up with the political world? She’s the woman who lied, pretending to be an Indian, in order to land a job at Harvard.

Is Hillary’s embarrassing "hot sauce" moment…

really that different than Elizabeth’s cringeworthy New Year’s beer?

And if you thought Hillary looked like a fool exaggerating her love of falling balloons…

behold Elizabeth rushing to embrace a giant inflatable dog!

But despite all the superficial similarities, the truly alarming reality has everything to do with policy. If you can believe it, Elizabeth Warren represents an electoral appeal that is actually far narrower than what Hillary offered. Whereas Hillary wisely played to his right, throughout this primary, Warren has sought to carve out her identity to the left of Socialist Bernie Sanders. Her recently released Medicare for All payment plan is such a mathematical joke that only college professors and the mindless conformist that sit under their tutelage will pretend it’s serious.

A $52 trillion price tag over ten years that Warren claims will cover everyone in the country, provide better care, and save money to the tune of $11 trillion? The lie is so big, so bad, so obvious, that it either reveals the stunning ignorance of Warren and her campaign staff, or it demonstrates the galling lack of respect they have for the intellect of the American people.

For her part, Warren can’t even weave together a coherent response to the simplest of critiques:

If you work in private health insurance, you’ll just go sell car insurance. That was her answer. A presidential candidate. This is actually happening. Imagine what Donald Trump is going to do with that – what he is going to do with her – in a debate or at his rallies.

Somehow the Democrats are about to do it again. They are going to nominate Hillary version 2.0. Unbelievable.

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