Opinion: I can’t believe they’re going to nominate a commie

by Peter Heck · Feb 24th, 2020 4:21 pm

There's no way they can actually do this, right?

That's the question I keep asking myself as I consider the growing probability that the Democrat Party is preparing to make their nominee for President of the United States an outed commie. Not just an ardent progressive that folks on the right facetiously refer to as a communist. Not just some far-left, nanny-state liberal that gets tagged a communist because of random political connections or a group he unwittingly spoke in front of years ago.

No, after his most recent win at the Nevada caucuses, it's clear Democrats are legitimately poised to nominate a man who overlooked the poverty, starvation, grotesquely primitive medical care, and oppression of the actual Soviet Union and deceitfully spewed forth this garbage regarding the Evil Empire:

Watch that again and realize that this is the man, this is the brain, that the modern, 2020 Democrat Party is preparing to support to become "the leader of the free world." It's a parody of epic proportions.

Sanders' remarks are so astoundingly naive and ignorant that even those pledged to vote for him if he is the nominee, like anti-Trump radical Tom Nichols, openly identify Bernie as a "useful idiot" for the Soviet Union – not only foolishly believing their propaganda, but willfully and reprehensibly spreading it for them here in the United States.

Still, to be fair, having once praised a subway system and the youth art programs in a Stalinist hellhole doesn't, taken alone, make one a full-fledged commie. And even though there was a time that Bernie publicly acknowledged he doesn't mind people calling him a communist, those days have passed. His defensive reaction to Mayor Bloomberg using that description of his politics at the Nevada debate made that apparent.

But moving beyond the anecdotes and looking at the direction Bernie actually proposes for the country, has to tell intellectually honest observers all they need to know.

To make sure that Americans do not evade [his] new wealth tax, Sanders' plan calls for the creation of a "national wealth registry," for the IRS to perform regular audits, and for an "exit tax" of 40 to 60 percent on the wealth of all Americans who try to evade the tax by leaving the country.

Dramatically growing the IRS and increasing its stalking and harassment power over private citizens is totalitarian enough. But when it's being proposed by the same guy who is on record calling for the nationalization of utilities, a federal takeover of "the entire energy industry," and "public control over capital," it shouldn't be passed off as rhetorical flourish.

According to the Wall Street Journal,

"[Bernie has] asserted that workers needed to ‘take immediate control of the economy if we are to survive' and called for 'public ownership of utilities, banks and major industries.'"

And for those who would still balk at the prospect of labeling Sanders a communist, there's this little jewel from Vermont's favorite comrade:

"Democracy means public ownership of the major means of production."

There's a word for that philosophy. When the "public," which means government, owns the means of production, utilities, banks, energy, and major industries, it's called "communism."

This isn't scare-mongering McCarthyism, unless you're suggesting that the left-wing Daily Kos is part of the witch hunt. Back in 2016, those card-carrying liberal extremists were warning Democrats about potentially nominating a man so intricately connected to communist and socialist doctrine. Such an extremist would be a gift to the Republican Party, they reasoned.

As it turned out, Hillary Clinton won the nomination and was her own sort of terrible. Donald Trump is president because of Clinton's corruption and the Democrat bizarre abandonment of middle America.

For some reason they think that will be solved by picking somebody who appeals to red-blooded Americans with his … (checks notes) … communism. I can't think Trump's re-election team is disappointed by that turn of events.

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