Opinion: If you trust science, you won’t trust Joe Biden

by Peter Heck · Oct 28th, 2020 9:43 am

Last Updated Oct 29th, 2020 at 2:52 pm

Yes of course I know he, unlike President Trump, doesn't write his own tweets. But at some point, if we accept what is becoming a widespread assumption that the Democratic ticket of Biden/Harris is going to be victorious in a week, we need to start directly addressing whoever the puppet master is behind the empty vessel.

And in so doing, there's simply no way that the far-left figure or committee that will wield executive power should "Joe Biden" assume the presidency in 2021 would allow some random intern to tweet from the Joe Biden account without conferring first with them.

In other words, it was not coincidental, unintentional, or out of line with the entity or entities who we will henceforth refer to as "Joe Biden" when the candidate's official Twitter account pushed out this whopper:

To be clear, I don't particularly care that this is designed as a political smack at Donald Trump. The closing Biden election pitch is that Trump did not take COVID seriously, and that he can't be trusted to lead this country out of its enduring shadow. Whatever.

What I do care about, what I think we all should care about, however, is the galling hubris it takes for someone like "Joe Biden" to claim the mantle of science. After all:

  1. This is the man who has publicly stated his belief that a fully-developed unborn child, in the moments immediately prior to delivery is not to be considered legally human and thus worthy of human rights.

    Consider how unscientific that actually is – that one second prior to delivery, the little girl is not human, but one second later, she is? And must she be completely delivered outside the womb to be considered a human being? Or maybe just an arm? Or does it need to be the head? Or perhaps a majority of the body?

    Philosophical contortions like that, espousing such flagrant absurdities is not the conduct of someone who "listens to science."

  2. This is a man who recently told a national TV audience that he believes 8-year-olds are capable of making the decision to "become" a different sex. That would involve life-changing, body-altering mutilations or chemical manipulations.

    Remember the entire premise of sexual consent laws rests upon scientific reality that a child's brain has not fully-developed to the point of being able to make rational, informed decisions about behaviors like sex – things that come with significant, lifelong consequences.

    Joe Biden undermined all of that by stating unequivocally that young children should be allowed to make these kinds of fundamental, monumental choices themselves. That is not the conduct of someone who "listens to science."

  3. Let's not forget that the entire notion of "Joe Biden: Man of Science" can be undermined by asking him one of a few simple questions: "What is a female?" or "How many genders are there?"

    Joe Biden's ideological chains prevent him from being able to answer such elementary questions. That dilemma is not the experience of someone who "listens to science."

  4. We now have enough data accumulated that we know things we didn't know at the onset of COVID-19. Specifically, we know that the lockdowns were not only ineffective in stopping the virus, they were catastrophic for the health, livelihood, lives, and well-being of citizens everywhere – particularly those with compromised physical, mental, and emotional conditions.

    We know the disastrous effect they have had on an entire year's worth of education for young people – from preschool to college.

    Yet Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris are actively promoting their "plan" to enact more of these kinds of lockdowns – perpetually, indefinitely. That is not the conduct of someone who "listens to science."

And we're only getting started – from the science of economics, to the science of climate, to the science of energy, "Joe Biden" is as detached from scientific reality as a candidate can be.

So please, vote your conscience and encourage others to do the same. But for the sake of intellectual honesty and moral clarity, stop pushing the lie that "Joe Biden" is the candidate of scientific fidelity. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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