Opinion: Ilhan Omar unintentionally made a perfect case against abortion

by Peter Heck · Feb 1st, 2020 9:07 am

I've followed Daily Wire contributor Matt Walsh for years – back when his blog was provoking the kind of polarized reactions his Twitter account now generates. I agree with him often and greatly appreciate his willingness to wade into contentious social and cultural issues of our day.

But in all the years of reading his commentaries and considering his point of view, I don't think I have ever seen a simpler, more straightforward, concise, and unquestioned homerun than what he delivered at the expense of scandal-ridden Congressional provocateur Ilhan Omar.

Check out this epic mic drop moment:

Honestly, I can't say I have any idea what "oppression" Omar was attempting to reference in her tweet. I'm hopeful that someone who has been elected to the U.S. Congress, makes $174,000 a year from taxpayers, and who also boasts as "curious" a familial and legal history as Omar isn't actually attempting to play the beleaguered victim card. If there's one thing she isn't, it's oppressed.

But to the efficacy of the statement itself, if Omar really believes her tweeted proclamation, her qualm should be with her own political party. After all, historically speaking, it is the Democrat Party that led the way in the oppression of women and minorities. Consider:

  • Despite court orders forbidding the atrocity, it was Democrat Party policy that bound the hands and feet of Native Cherokee, forcing them off their land at the end of a bayonet.
  • In the face of abolitionists, the Liberty Party, Free-Soil Party, and eventually the Republican Party, Democrats sustained the oppressive institution of chattel slavery in the United States until it pushed the country into civil war.
  • Having lost the right to oppress their slaves, the Democrat Party fathered the oppression of Jim Crow, depriving by poll tax, literacy test, and segregation the rights of free blacks.
  • When their Republican counterparts introduced the idea of women's suffrage in 1878, Democrats spent the next forty years fighting it.

And today, as Walsh so succinctly pointed out, it is the Democrat Party alone that perpetuates the continued oppression of women and minorities through the heinous butchery of abortion. Re-read Omar's statement and realize how powerfully it makes the case against feticide-for-convenience.

To satisfy their twin idols of money and power, Omar's political tribe authors legislation intentionally designed to deny information about fetal development, financial assistance, parenting classes, as well as abortion health risks to pregnant women – many of whom are poor, scared, and confused.

Despite knowing that abortion is a tool utilized by sex offenders, human traffickers, and pimps who exploit and oppress women for sport, Democrats consistently oppose any and all restrictions, regulations, and reporting requirements for feticide clinics. Additionally, they consistently object to basic sanitation standards for facilities and hospital admitting requirements for physicians performing this potentially life-threatening procedure on women.

And let's not pretend we don't know that minority communities are the ones targeted and most impacted by abortion on demand:

[R]esearch done a few years ago by the Life Issues Institute found that "79 percent of abortion-offering Planned Parenthood facilities are within walking distance of black or Hispanic neighborhoods"…

Michael Novak calculated in 2002 that without the incidence of abortion, the African-American population would show at least a 36-percent increase. Even this number does not take into account the number of children who may have been born to those who were aborted.

If you want to see the epitome of what institutionalized racism and minority oppression looks like, simply gaze upon the lineal heir to southern slaveholders, America's abortion industry. Given that its scourge endures only thanks to the tireless efforts of her own Democrat Party, the whole "oppression" angle is one Representative Omar has forfeited her right to broach.

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