Opinion: Insanity: The left accuses a transracial adoptive mom of being a racist misogynist

by Peter Heck · Sep 29th, 2020 6:02 pm

Last Updated Oct 1st, 2020 at 9:14 am

As the dust settles from the weekend nomination of staunch constitutional originalist Amy Coney Barrett to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by radical judicial activist Ruth Bader Ginsburg – a philosophical swing about as profound as could be imagined – Democrats are scrambling to come up with their best line of attack to wield in a futile attempt to stop the appointment.

To this point, it's been train wreck.

For some inexplicable reason, other than their own malevolence towards those who don't think like them, the initial impulse on the left was to attack her personally, rather than professionally or philosophically. It's unethical under any circumstance, but particularly vile when dealing with a woman as dignified and wholly inoffensive as Barrett.

Nonetheless, they've been as abhorrent as expected:

This is a feminist writer, whose work appears at the New York Times, actually mom-shaming Amy Barrett for daring to have a career while raising children. Am I mistaken, or isn't it supposed to be people like Grigoriadis who are excoriating others for holding such patriarchal assumptions of gender roles?

Isn't she supposed to be tweeting and daring others to pose such a misogynistic take when no one ever deigns to ask a prospective male justice how he can possibly be on the Supreme Court and still be a responsible dad?

But if the misogyny wasn't bad enough, the left was just warming up.

Protecting the grift, Kendi quickly attempted to deflect the criticism from Barrett herself, remarking that it "is not the point" whether this is her or not. Really? From a man that declares that there is no such thing as a "non-racist" action or thought, only "racist ones" and "actively anti-racist ones," it seems it is precisely the point. Does Ibram Kendi and his many left-wing disciples believe that transracial adoption is racist or anti-racist? It has to be one or the other according to the thesis Kendi's making serious bank promoting.

There's no way to read his tweet and not conclude that he believes the act of white parents, like Amy and her husband, adopting black children is not born of "colonizing, white savior" complex.

Is it absurd? Is it insulting? Is it patently false? Yes, yes, and yes. But it's also what passes for expert social commentary on the intersectionality driven, race-obsessed left.

It is hardly any surprise that alt-right, neo-Nazi Richard Spencer fully endorsed Kendi's theory, given that both radical groups are pushing segregation and different standards based on skin color.

In a certain sense, conservatives struggling to make the case to a skeptical culture that the path being charted by progressives is one that leads down a path of social misery, find in these personal attacks on Barrett and her family the perfect embodiment of everything we've been warning against.

But that's little consolation when you look into the eyes of those well-dressed, well-behaved children, standing proudly behind their loving mother and realize that power-hungry leftists are ready and willing to destroy their lives "for the cause."

Here's to hoping that more Americans than ever will realize that that's a movement they should want nothing to do with.

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