Opinion: Just so we’re clear, Joe Biden is promising more lockdowns

by Peter Heck · Oct 10th, 2020 2:47 pm

Last Updated Oct 12th, 2020 at 11:30 am

Sure, it's a presidential campaign and candidates are prone to say anything, no matter how absurd, if they think it's going to help get them votes. But even on a sliding scale that allows for the requisite galling lack of self-awareness that accompanies these quadrennial clown shows, this one was a jaw-dropper:

I don't care how deeply partisan left you are, if that pronouncement doesn't cause you to choke on your tongue, you're just a fundamentally unserious person. The near totality of the Democrat campaign has circled around this central theme: Trump didn't listen to the science and order national economic shutdowns and travel lockdowns like we wanted, and as a consequence, 200,000 people are dead.

The same folks who pump out a relentless barrage of Trump/Hitler comparisons like this:

…those same people are in a daily state of indignant rage over the fact that Trump didn't act like Hitler during COVID, seize extra-constitutional authority, implement military rule, and order every American into our own personal, plastic hamster wheels. The obvious implication in that messaging is that Joe Biden would have done just that.

Consider the recent appeal of former Green Bay Packers coach Mike Holmgren, who just issued a political statement to citizens of the swing state of Wisconsin:

"President Trump's failure to mount a forceful response to the coronavirus pandemic has had profound consequences for Green Bay's economy…and President Trump still doesn't have a plan to get the virus under control. It didn't have to be this bad. Joe Biden has a real plan to beat this pandemic."

Wait, what? "Mount a forceful response?" The U.S. is now conducting an incomprehensibly large number of tests, including rapid-response tests, on a daily basis. A multi-trillion-dollar relief package was passed through Congress months ago, and hospitals were provided with resources, more ventilators than necessary, and surpluses of PPE moving forward.

That said, any belief that a government can, "get a virus under control" both fundamentally misunderstands the role of government and the nature of a virus. Viruses do what they do, and lockdowns merely delay the inevitable. We know that now, and Sweden's standing in Europe is a clear indication of that reality.

So what do Holmgren and other Biden supporters mean when they say this sort of thing? They mean that Biden would do precisely what Biden said he would do two months ago: order more lockdowns.

"I would shut it down. I would listen to the scientists."

That's anything but a secret. Even now, if you are living in a state where your personal and economic freedoms are limited by lockdown policies, it is a metaphysical certitude that you have a Democrat Governor that is supporting, and is supported by, Joe Biden.

  • California: Democrat Governor allied with Biden
  • Michigan: Democrat Governor allied with Biden
  • Colorado: Democrat Governor allied with Biden
  • Illinois: Democrat Governor allied with Biden

So make no mistake about the Democrat nominee's "real plan to beat this pandemic." It's to order more schools closed, more businesses shuttered, and more restrictions on personal liberty. This despite the mounting scientific evidence that:

1. Returning to in-person schools is not dangerous.

2. Lockdowns have caused and will continue causing more harm than good.

This is the Biden "plan" for our future: jumping in and out of lockdowns, forcing government-imposed "pauses" on school, business, commerce, and life, delaying the inevitable spread of a virus with a statistically astronomically high survival rate, all with no end in sight.

So please, if that sounds like the kind of courageous leadership you're into, vote for it. But at least ask your fearless leader to exhibit the intellectual honesty to stop blaming the other guy for the very thing he's promising to do.

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